My breeding principles:
All of my cats and dogs live inside the home with the family. Kittens get used to people and dogs from their first day. They also get used to being touched and they'll meet all kind of people before moving to their new homes. Depending on the season they'll also have a chance to go outside in a safety exercise yard. 
I strive to breed healty siberians with a lovely temperament ant that lives up to the FIFe breed standard as much as possible. I don't breed colourpointed, so called Neva Masquerades, and I don't sell my cats to such breeding. I aim to keep the inbreeding percent as low as possible by using foreign cats now and then. 
The kittens are vaccinated and checked by a vet before they go to their new homes and they are then 12-weeks-old. They have also been given vermifuge several times. The kittens are registered in SRK and have a FIFe pedigree. All cats used in breeding are FIV and FELv negative, have blood group A and are tested for the heart disease HCM. I also test for Microsporum canis regularly. 
All my cats are inside cats and everyone who byus a cat from my cattery are obliges to keep the cat inside and only let the cat out in a safe exercise yars or in a leash. 
I don't sell my kittens without meeting the family first and I don't ship my cats abroad alone in the hold. I don't arrange testings for  people who are allergick and I don't sell my cats to allergic  people. 
I like to keep in touch with all the new owners even after the cat has moved.